What users really want?

Users want interfaces to be easy to use. It sounds simple, but it is not an easy task. Did you know that more than 50% online purchases never happen due to poor usability and user experience?

What users really want?
Of course you did, it happened to you too. That is why you need people like us, who are passionate perfectionists of usability — your UX Passion team.

How we do it?

5 key ingredients define usability:


And to mix them up in right amounts we have to do a lot of:

a) User testing and research

In layman' terms it means putting your interface to the test using a lot of real people and a few of highly advanced monkeys and intelligent machines. Idea is to figure out how well your UX works before you let it out into the wild and define possible bottlenecks, pain points and find solutions.

b) Expert usability analysis

Our experts evaluate overall experience of your web site, mobile app or service based on their vast experience, heuristics (those can be Nielsen or Gerhardt Powals) and cognitive walkthroughs. Their findings make up a report that is a starting point for your UX improvement.

c) Usability education and consulting

Instead of calling us every day, you hire us for a week or two and we train your staff to think usability when designing and developing digital products and services. That includes user experience in general, visual design, information architecture, usability and development strategy.

How we do it?
Good news is, earlier you find out what is wrong, cheaper it will be to fix it.
The first step in planning a usability test is determining what is to be tested. The team is coming up with the scenarios which reflect the most important user flows in the website.

Need more persuading?

Need more persuading?

We already made T-Mobile, IBM, VIPnet, Nordeus and other companies more profitable by making their users happier and services easier to use.

Usability provides you with clear, simple and very understandable benefits to your brand, product, service, your business’ bottom line, and most importantly, to your users.

Our clients recognize usability as a key ingredient to their successful products and applications. As well as they appreciate our individual approach and well established usability testing processes.

We are experts and we don’t ask you to take our word for it – just read some of the selected testimonials from our clients. After that, feel free to contact us anytime to arrange the call and start a new era for your products, together with us on board.

Vipnet is the first private mobile network operator in Croatia, a part of the Telekom Austria Group and a strategic partner of Vodafone, the leading mobile operator. We've worked on a number of usability related and training projects with VIPnet, from IPTV usability testing, corporate website usability testing, internal education and system wide usability testing to constant progress tracking.

Marko Popović

We have been working with UX Passion on several projects related to usability of telecom and IT products & services for end users. And I have to say that the name of the company suits them perfectly – because people at UX Passion are really passionate about usability and overall user experience. They have eyes for details, details you simply overlook or do not find important – but they notice the very details that really make the difference for user experience. But what fascinates me the most is the simplicity of their recommendations. Being innovative and open minded as they are, they always offer so simple, but so effective solutions for usability taking into account technical or business limitations as well. And if you do not like or cannot apply their 1st recommendation, do not worry, they always have alternative solutions down their sleeves. To sum it up, it is always a pleasure to work with UX Passion because you know that they will do the best possible job.

On several occasions we did wide scale usability testing for T-Mobile and Croatian Telekom (part of the Deutsche Telekom group). Largest project was usability testing of T-Mobile's web shop and e-commerce user experience with more than 60 participating users in over 2 months.

Alexander Hegensbach
GfK SirValUse

The collaboration with UX Passion has been pleasant both on a professional as well as on a personal level. Darko as a team lead and rest of the team communicated with us very proactively throughout the whole study and with part of their staff being native English speakers, the reports were a pleasure to read.

RIM, company behind BlackBerry smartphone, wanted to introduce their new product to the SEE region and asked us to localize it in Croatia and test usability via well-positioned native speakers that could deliver challenging language issues. We analyzed everything from industrial design (form factor, screen resolution, material quality) to ergonomics, usability and the overall user experience of the software.

Tobias LimbachUser Interface Design GmbH

We would like to thank UX Passion team for a great cooperation. Conducting an UX expert review of text prediction on a mobile device, the experts proved high competence in design and technology and provided valuable input. The deliverables were even better than expected and were implemented by our client to optimize their services. Throughout the project we experienced UX Passion team members as committed and passionate project leaders.

We conducted user testing and an expert review of an old IBM software system still in use by thousands of employees of Croatian civil service. More than 40 problems were identified and key usability issues, ergonomics and design issues were fixed cost-effectively and efficiently.

Hrvoje Meštrić

It has been a great pleasure to work with UX Passion team on our usability projects. UX Passion provided in-depth analysis, testing and recommendations for the improvement of the front end of a complex application for one of our most important clients. Their services were executed professionally, precisely and, of course, with passion.

Nordeus is a small company founded by a trio of engineers who managed to produce the most played online sports game in the world, Top Eleven Football Manager. We were asked to evaluate their new website from the visual design and information architecture point of view. Given that Nordeus wants to provide users with desktop-like social gaming but not exclusively on Facebook, we had to advise on the visual design and information architecture implications of enabling Facebook-like social gaming user interface patterns and media experiences with the potential for expansion.

Branko Milutinović

UX Passion is a diligent team for any requirement around Web design, UI and UX. They offer creativity that has been very valuable during a fuzzy phase when requirements are evolving. They understood that our clients are not typical web users and built the site's design and functionality around that. They work with you as if they are part of your organization and go after finding solutions for their client's problems and requirements with creativity and technical competency. I strongly recommend UX Passion.

Salespod is a real time, task focused sales tool that provides real time information to field sales representatives and retail merchandisers boosting sales productivity. We were asked to asses the web solutions and provide detailed insights into how real users think, act and behave. We also tackled issues of user and interaction flow, working closely with Salespod team.

Marko Kovač

We wanted to redesign the concept of purchasing the application, installing it and using it for the first time. The most important point of whole story was to explain users why they need to run the software on both desktop and mobile devices. Another issue we were aware of is the visual information overload on the webpage. UX Passion has given us many useful advices and recommendations in the fields of UX, usability and general understanding of user's perspective. While working together we managed to improve the concept of the user's flow, the visual communication between the application and the user, along with making the entire system simpler and easier to understand.

Why hire us?

We are experienced.

As out track record shows, global companies large and startups used our expertise to make better, more usable and even beautiful products and services, making their users happier and more loyal. We are not just another consulting company. We are, and always will be, your partners.

We deliver.

It might sound as an overpromise, but it is not. We have seen it all, from mobile to web, apps, services even entire systems. Each of the projects we worked on taught us a lot, so we managed to satisfy even the world's most demanding clients. We gained their trust by showing results. Results that come from extensive and patient testing, evaluation all held together by thousands hours of hard earned experience. Put it to work and enjoy the results.

We test local.

Being from Croatia means that we understand the inner trappings of the South East European region, a very specific market of 17+ million users. If there is a product or a service you would like to test on users in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro or Serbia - rely on us! We know how to do it and we have done it before with some of the greats like Deutsche Telekom, Research in Motion (BlackBerry) and others.

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About UX Passion agency

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Founded in 2009, UX Passion is a leading user experience design and usability agency. With over 130 clients across all geographies, UX Passion has envisioned, created, evaluated and delivered some of the world’s most popular and used user experiences.

With clients ranging from big Fortune 500 names to smaller, but agile and serious startups, UX Passion is well positioned to answer world’s most challenging questions related to user experience, service design and usability.

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Services include wide range of UX-related services like information architecture and interaction design, visual design, web and mobile design and development, product design and evaluation, big social data analysis and analytics, and, of course, our sweet spot, usability.

Company has been founded by Vibor Cipan (CEO), Antun Debak (Creative Director) and Darko Čengija (Chief Information Architect), it is growing steadily and always looking for more passionate people to join the team. Get in touch!

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